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New TWS Headphone Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone With Mic

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Next generation:wireless bluetooth headset,smart choice,full upgrade of advantages,touch bluetooth music headset.
Large capacity charging cabin:Headset can be used for 3hours at a time,equipped with 35Ma,large capacity charging compartment,which can renew the headset for about 5times,and the use time is not less than 10hours
Improve call quality:you can talk with your friends without worrying about noisy environment or strong wind.
Fashionable and streamlined design:Built in large capacity battery,powerful power reserve device,ingenious fuselage design,can hide in shirt pocket or trouser pocket.
Lossless audio transmission,clearer sound quality:original and complete presentation.
Intelligent noise reduction:adaptive filtering noise,clear collection of human voice even in noisy environment.

Horn:13cm peptide membrane
Power consumption:9mah(low power consumption)
Headset battery:35mah*2
Charging box battery:300mah
Bluetooth 5.0 solution:693d4
Transmission distance:10M(barrier free)
Product color:Black
Music time:3hours